▷ How to SELL MORE with WhatsApp Text Message Templates 【2022】



    I met Carlos* at a car dealership in Buenos Aires, in the Belgrano neighborhood, about a year and a half ago.

    *for confidentiality reasons, I decided not to use his real name.


    I’d heard a lot about him. The highest-performing salesperson at the dealership! He was selling two to three times more than his colleagues. For more than a year no one had been able to even get close to his level.🤔


    I decided to go visit in person to find out what Carlos is doing that is working so much better than the rest!🤔


    To be honest, my first impression was a little disappointing...he didn’t look that put together, he was a little aggressive and even made mistakes when he was talking to clients. He definitely didn’t match my picture of “the best salesperson”!


    But he turned out to be very open and friendly. He invited me to sit down with him so he could show me what he did every day to “beat” the other people on the sales team.


    The first thing I learned from Carlos is that working with a client list you can count on your fingers is very different from juggling hundreds or thousands of people in order to sell.


    This is even more true when you start to get clients from digital sources (which is more and more common for businesses that used to be in-person only).


    juggling too many clients


    This is how it feels to manage a client list with hundreds of clients on it.


    Things get out of control and it becomes VERY hard to give each client the personalized service they deserve.😱


    But not for Carlos.


    He found the formula for selling on WhatsApp: he’s a machine at follow-up using templates (predefined messages. Carlos showed me how, using these messages, he is able to manage a list of 300 clients simultaneously and close more sales than his colleagues.


    like a boss

    Carlos and his templates

    For him it’s like a game. He really enjoys it...

    And he sells more!


    Here are a few tips he shared with me that you can use in your own sales process, even if you sell a different product:


    1) Create your own Business Messages for the most common situations. ⌨️

    The first thing Carlos showed me is that before he was spending most of his time sending 4 very similar messages:

    • Initial responses to web contact (brief introduction)
    • Appointment reminders
    • Follow-up with clients to see if they are ready to buy
    • Messages to send after missed calls

    To avoid wasting time on these messages that come up again and again every day, Carlos found a very simple WhatsApp selling technique: he created his first 4 Templates for WhatsApp and started using them all the time.


    2) Keep it human! 😀

    Another key technique I learned from Carlos is that the clients should not notice a difference between a “real” message and a template.

    To achieve this, he wrote the templates in a friendly tone and kept them very short. (According to him, clients hate long messages and feel that you’re ignoring them if you send a ton of information that isn’t useful for them).


    Another way to come across as human is to use emojis.👍🤘😄🙈❤️

    (Ok, maybe not quite that many).


    For example, which of these seems more personal?

    ...This one?

    “Hi. My name is Carlos. I’m contacting you in response to the message you sent us through our website. How can I help?”

    …Or this one?

    “Hi! 👍

    My name is Carlos and I’m contacting you because you sent us a message through our website...

    How can I help you?😀”

    Little changes make all the difference.


    3) Make sure you can send the templates as fast as possible ⚡️

    Carlos also impressed on me the importance of speed...(he’s lightning fast at sending messages).

    He normally manages a client list of 300 or more, and the only way he has found to be able to communicate with each of them is...very quickly!

    Let’s do the math. For example, if you take 30 seconds to choose and paste a template, and you are contacting 100 clients from your list every day, you’ll spend almost an hour a day just copying and thinking of messages. Forget it!

    Now, if that same process takes you 5 seconds a client, you could get through that same amount in under 10 minutes.😉

    It’s a numbers game. Perseverance is very important…but also speed!


    sell as fast as bolt


    Carlos isn’t this athletic (but he is this fast)

    (I almost forgot to say...Carlos is an enthusiastic Sirena user.😎 He uses WhatsApp Format Templates and sends them with just a few taps on his phone.


    4) And save time on sharing news! ⭐️

    Finally, another time when Text Message Templates for Business can be very useful is when you need to communicate recent changes to your clients that can help you sell more. New product/service launches, limited time promotions, or a product you just got in stock are all examples of messages that can be very valuable to your client and that help you close the sale.


    But be careful! If you send mass communications to your entire client list, you’ll seem irrelevant and they will mark you as spam on WhatsApp.💩


    homer simpson sends too much spam


    This is what salespeople who send spam look like. Don’t be one of them.


    Luckily, Carlos showed me how to avoid this too!

    As he works with his client list, he takes advantage of comments and quotes to differentiate between them.


    Since he sells cars, he uses the name of the product the client is looking for when he puts together their quote. Then, when that model is in stock, he filters them quickly and Creates a Text Message Template. He sends a very short message to re-initiate contact (for example: “Hi! The VW Golf GTI 2.0 you were looking for just came in. I have it in stock right now! 👍 Would you like me to call you?”)


    The key is in using a short, genuine message that the client will find valuable. This will turn you into a smart salesperson who sends fewer messages but messages that are much more valuable and effective. And who sells much more than your colleagues through WhatsApp!




    Preapproved WhatsApp Business templates: the only (and infallible) way to approach your clients via WhatsApp

    Now that we’re putting things in order, first of all we need to go to the source so you can really understand where these templates come from.


    “Message Templates are message formats for common reusable messages a business may want to send. Businesses must use Message Templates for sending notifications to customers,” according to the WhatsApp website.


    Let’s back up even further...


    You already know how important it is to channel all your business communication into one place, right?


    Good. Well, WhatsApp offers businesses an even more powerful tool: WhatsApp Business.


    Did you know that WhatsApp Business has to approve the first message you want to send to a client or potential client before you send it?


    WhatsApp has to give your business the ok to send a pre-approved WhatsApp Messenger Template to be able to make the first approach to your chosen target.


    I know you’re a grown up, you don’t live at home with your parents anymore, and that you might feel that WhatsApp is being a bit controlling. But think about it: WhatsApp takes care of their users, as well as taking care of you.


    I don’t want to get all sentimental, but at Sirena we also take care of our clients. How? Thanks to our fusion with Zenvia, we are official WhatsApp Business partners, so we can manage and approve WhatsApp-authorized templates.




    Beyond the first contact, I’d like to highlight a few other uses for templates, which are also customizable and automatic:

    • They are ideal for resuming contact with clients:

    If you want to make contact with someone again after 24 hours, which is when a template expires, the only way to do it is through another message that has been pre-approved by WhatsApp.

    This message is a reactivation. It allows your company to keep the conversation active.

    I’ll tell you right now that in addition to jealous, WhatsApp is careful. In this case, if you don’t receive a prompt reply, the app sees that your client isn’t participating in the conversation. They see it as a unilateral message, which can cause them to make things difficult for you.

    • Avoid spam 🗑:

    This, as you’ll come to understand, is the reason WhatsApp might seem a little like a controlling parent.

    WhatsApp imposes these conditions because their owner, Facebook, tries very hard to protect its users. This way they also make sure that there’s no invasive or fraudulent communication.

    A simple example of this is that you can’t use upper case letters in pre-approved WhatsApp Templates. As you already know, you shouldn't be yelling!

    no spam


    This last point about spam comes along with the fact that this isn’t just the conversational marketing era, it is also the era of “permission marketing,” if I may steal the term from Seth Godin.

    In this era of permission, WhatsApp collaborates with their users to help them only communicate with businesses, including your business, when they want to.


    A few more points about WhatsApp message templates


    We’ve seen how useful pre-approved WhatsApp message templates are, we’ve seen how, if they are correctly managed by someone with the authorization and knowledge to do so, they can be extremely interesting to you and your business for your communication.




    We’ve seen what to do to optimize their use, what to do to avoid being sanctioned, and what to do to avoid being blocked. but at Sirena we know, of course, that the best way to familiarize yourself with message templates is to use them.


    And this is where you decide what you want for your business. We are ready to guide you along the path that will help you take another step forward toward concentrating all your business communication in one place.




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