▷ WhatsApp Business: Lower your Costs and Reduce Response Times in 2020

    Businesses are still missing out on opportunities to efficiently communicate with their customers using WhatsApp. Here's a more practical solution.

    The more than 2 billion worldwide WhatsApp users and the enormous number of smartphones present an excellent opportunity to manage your clients and keep them satisfied.


    Beyond the numbers and the specific statistics about worldwide WhatsApp users, I'd like to focus on the enormous scope of opportunity that WhatsApp presents for capturing customers, forming a relationship with them, and creating and converting on a sense of familiarity.


    But that doesn't just happen by itself... 🕵️

    One of the main characteristics the modern era is that customers expect direct, casual communication. That means that contact forms are no longer a viable way to establish communication with customers.


    That's where WhatsApp comes in, an option that many companies are implementing.

    Think of how frustrated your clients feel when they have to fill out forms.

    They have a question, head to your website to get an answer, and then everything gets all bureaucratic and complicated. 


    Usually people just give up at this point.


    Imagine that you go to a store, let's say it's a sportswear company.

    You want to ask about a pair of shoes, but instead of getting an answer about what colors and sizes they have in stock, they ask you a bunch of questions about your personal information in a way that feels completely cold and impersonal.


    This is the situation when using WhatsApp becomes ideal, almost indispensable, to satisfy your customers by responding to their questions and concerns instantly.

    Imagine that friction, but online. 🤔


    Someone, sitting at their computer or with their cell phone in hand, heads to your company's website. They're interested in a certain product or service you offer.


    They try to find a way to contact you. They find an "email us" button and decide to write you to find out if what they want is available in their size in the color red.

    Up to this point this seems to be pretty normal, but there's a significant risk that that sale won't be closed.


    Then they click on the button and a form pops up. It asks them for their email address, first and last name, age, whether they would like to receive more information about your business, how they found you.


    The customer is just starting to fill out all the required information, but they get an email from their boss. They start to respond to that email, leaving the form half-filled.

    What happens?


    That sale is left behind, forgotten, in the land of unclosed sales.


    I know you've experienced this and that you know your customers, for one reason or another, never do end up contacting you in these cases.


    At Sirena, since we work officially with WhatsApp, we were able to design Sirena Buttons, which don't just let your clients contact you more quickly (and you to respond right away in a familiar, casual way), but also lowers the cost of this contact for your company.


    What is Sirena Buttons?

    As the name indicates, Sirena Buttons are an ideal tool to allow your customers to contact you just by clicking a button.


    The goal is for them to have an easy way to contact you in an agile way, rather than you having to seek them out.


    It's instant. Anyone who visits your company's website can contact you easily and immediately via WhatsApp, and you can get it for free.


    When you use WhatsApp Business, it costs less when customers contact you, rather then the other way around. And WhatsApp, the leading instant messaging app, has internal data that shows this:

    Captura de pantalla 2020-02-18 a las 6.09.26 p.m.

    As you can see in the image above, the difference in cost is not trivial. Take a look at India , for example.


    To understand the picture well, think that the cost you see is for the first message or messages after 24 hours after the last one sent by the client. The rest of the messages are free, of course, but it is not a minor fact that in a new conversation an amount is charged.

    Then, imagine that your company is Indian. It has 10 operators and each of them contacts 20 clients for the first time ...

    This means that that day your company sends 200 messages at a value of $ 20. Repeated this in a month, it would cost you 600, against 60 if it was the customer who started the contact. Simpler, the account, for your company, would be like this:


                        In one day: 10 operators make 20 initial messages = 200 initial messages.

    200 initial messages x US $ 0.10 = US $ 20.

    In a month: 200 initial messages x 30 days = 6000 messages.

    6000 initial messages x $ 0.10 = US $ 600.



    Now, if it was the customer who had just one click your contact, your company's expenditure would be this:

    In one day: 10 operators make 20 initial messages = 200 messages
    200 initial messages x $ 0.01 = $ 2.


    In a month: 200 initial messages x 30 days = 6000 initial messages.

    6000 initial messages x $ 0.01 = US $ 60.

    Yes, you read that right: it costs 10 times less for the client to contact you than for you to contact them!😍


    Sirena Buttons also works to reduce the customer acquisition cost (CAC)


    It's a powerful conversational tool when it comes to talking to customers, managing them, and even making sales.


    More perks of Sirena buttons (goodbye forms!)

    Beyond lowering costs, this WhatsApp plugin has other upsides as well. For one, there are no long forms for a potential customer to fill out.


    Filling out line after line of forms is unpleasant and tends to alienate clients.


    At this point we know the negative feelings and rejection that forms tend to produce in customers. No one wants to fill them out anymore; they push customers away, often causing them to leave your website or landing page.


    Forms slow things down, and these days speed is key.


    When it comes to sales, then, the key is to generate conversations, get customers interested in your business, and respond to their concerns as quickly as possible.


    Name, email, phone number, how they heard about the business...customers don't want to spend time filling out boxes anymore.



    With Sirena Buttons, immediately after a customer contact your business you will have their number, allowing you to respond to them through WhatsApp and stay in contact. That way your communication is more fluid and feels more natural.


    Plus, if your potential customer leaves your website you can still keep the conversation going. As an internet user, you're well aware that almost anything can distract people. This way you can hold your customer's interest.


    Botones de WhatsApp

    What types of buttons can Sirena Buttons create?



    Since it's vital for customers to be able to contact your company for different purposes and in different ways, there are also different types of contact button.


    We know that posting a call to action via social media isn't the same thing as using banners on your website. That's why we started with floating buttons for your website, but soon we'll launch options for CTAs, QR codes, and others for use on social media.😀


    How to get Sirena Buttons for your company's site, step by step

    Getting Sirena Buttons is simple and free. To add one to your website:

    • Once your account is created, you'll be asked to fill out some information about your company and website.
    sirena buttons


    • Next you'll see the settings screen. You'll see two options:
      1. Create new buttons
      2. Configure existing buttons

                Click "New" to create your button.

    • Select "Floating Button" to open a screen where you can edit your button. On the left side you can enter an internal name to identify it. You can also choose what text to display and the WhatsApp number you would like messages from your leads and clients to go to. On the right side you'll see a preview of your button.
    Captura de pantalla 2020-02-14 a las 10.41.00 p.m.
    • Don't forget to click "Save." You can choose two options: install the button yourself, or send instructions to a developer at your company.


    • Copy the text you'll see in the grey box and paste it into your website code before the "body" module. Here's an example using a landing page in Hubspot.
    Captura de pantalla 2020-02-14 a las 10.44.05 p.m.
    • In the preview, or later, refresh the site. You'll see any changes you've made. Don't forget that Sirena Buttons is responsive, meaning it will adapt both to desktop and mobile versions of your site.
    contact us sirena buttons
    • Now your button is ready for leads and clients to contact you. You can edit and make changes to the button any time you like!
    manage buttons sirena


    If you'd rather see this step by step guide as a video, click here.


    Conversations, the setting for Sirena Buttons

    Given how use of WhatsApp has increased and continues to grow, it's worth taking a look at how the app has developed its business option, WhatsApp Business, which provides huge advantages for small and medium businesses.


    And since it works in combination with Sirena Buttons...


    Among the advantages that WhatsApp Business offers for companies, one standout is that it allows you to set up a business profile with your address, a map, your logo, and company photos. This allows you to receive and send messages at any time and schedule responses and facilitates organizing customers into categories and contact order.


    In this sense, the business version of WhatsApp is more than a tool for customer service. It's also a means of communication that can help you sell more and improve your client communication. And when you add in the features of Sirena Buttons you get an even more interesting combination.


    Just as a brush requires the skilled hand of an artists, WhatsApp Business requires a certain amount of guidance in order for you to be able to get the most out of its features. That's why the Sirena App makes monitoring all conversations your clients agents have with customers easier.


    As a bit of a review, I think it's worth exploring a few questions you may have about using Sirena Buttons.

    • How much does it cost? Nothing. It is completely free.
    • What will the button look like on my company site? This varies by how you choose to share it. You can choose anything from a floating button to (coming soon) a short link that's easy to share on social media.
    • Can the button be removed? Of course, you can delete it whenever you like.
    • Does Sirena read my company's messages with clients? Absolutely not, they are completely private. All conversations happen through WhatsApp and Sirena has no access to them.

    Not using this button that allows customers to easily contact your company, beyond being a bad financial decision by forcing your agents to initiate the conversation, also creates an obstacle when customers try to contact you, when they are looking at your website and interested in a specific service and can't easily find a quick way to contact you.



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