▷ WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business? Which is better for your business?

    In this guide I’ll go over the advantages and disadvantages of each tool and I’ll show you which one is better for improving your company’s sales processes.


    WhatsApp is among us. We use it every day to talk to our Friends, send memes, and share important information. We also use it to sell. Many businesses use WhatsApp to contact their clients, let them know about promotions, and move forward with sales.


    In early 2018, WhatsApp launched its Business version to give small and medium-sized businesses the ability to create an instant, personalized sales channel to communicate with clients.


    WhatsApp Business is a very powerful conversational marketing tool, but many businesses haven’t made the effort to switch, and they are still using their personal WhatsApp accounts to interact with their clients.


    After all, it is a relatively new tool and not everyone is aware of its benefits. In this article I will tell you about some of the advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business as sales tools, and how to move from the personal to the business version.


    conversational marketing with whatsapp business


    Why am I writing this?

    As we developed the first version of Sirena, my team and I had to research and analyze all the tools businesses use to interact with their clients and move forward with sales.


    We wanted to understand what were the main problems salespeople were having when using a given technology and how we could create a solution to make the process easier and more nimble.


    We made a lot (like, a lot) of mistakes before we got it right. We tried again, and again, and again. And we learned a ton about how companies use these tools.


    One of the cases that really caught my eye was WhatsApp. A large number of companies center their marketing and sales strategies around that platform. In fact, 85% of companies that Sirena interviewed said WhatsApp is a “very important” tool for their sales process.


    However, not everyone is sure whether WhatApp is right for their business. That’s the question I set out to answer in this article.


    I guarantee that, once you read it, you’ll know exactly which tool is best for your business. But I should warn you: technology is improving constantly and there are always newer, more effective tools. But we’ll talk more about that at the end of the article😉.


    Let’s get started.


    WhatsApp: a small business’s best friend

    WhatsApp is an excellent way to start to implement your conversational marketing strategy. With more than 1.5 billion monthly users, WhatsApp is Paradise for small businesses hoping to connect with their clients.


    At the same time, the ability to provide personalized attention in real time makes WhatsApp ideal for individual freelancers or family businesses.


    Why you should use it:


    • It’s simple

    WhatsApp is part of our daily lives. We use it every day to talk to our friends and family. Your clients are on it and using it as well. It is a space that feels comfortable, and many prefer to communicate using WhatsApp over any other method.


    • It’s personal

    WhatsApp is the ideal place for a friendly, personalized, and unstructured conversation. It is a place for short, informal chats. Salespeople don’t have to follow a rigid protocol with the client. They can use images, gifs, and audio messages to make the conversation more interesting and natural.


    • It’s instant

    Forget about web forms, emails lost in inboxes or voicemails unreturned. Responses on WhatsApp are immediate and in real time.


    Clients want their needs dealt with quickly. Salespeople know better than anyone that leaving a client waiting can mean losing a sale. WhatsApp solves that problem.

    • It’s effective

    As I said before, WhatsApp is part of our lives. We can’t ignore it. And that’s a huge advantage for businesses. According to HootSuite, 90% of messages sent through WhatsApp are opened and read within seconds of receipt😱.



    not bad whatsapp


    But WhatsApp isn’t for everyone


    Although WhatsApp is a very useful tool for small businesses and family-run companies, it’s not an appropriate tool for larger companies. I’ll explain why:


    • There’s no oversight of the sales process

    Since it is for personal communication, a sales manager has no way to monitor or oversee the conversations salespeople are having with their clients. This is especially problematic for medium-sized companies with a team of salespeople contacting hundreds of leads daily.


    In WhatsApp, there’s no way to guarantee that all your salespeople follow the same sales process, nor of evaluating which strategies are effective and which aren’t.


    The fact that the communications are private makes it impossible to analyze them in order to improve your sales process. Bad spelling, lies, and different tones and strategies are all common problems that come up when salespeople contact clients via their personal accounts.

    • It is too private

    Each WhatsApp account is associated with a personal phone number. That means that it isn’t possible for multiple people to have access to the same account from different devices.


    If one member of your sales team isn’t available to respond to a client, no one else can take that person’s place using the same account. As a result, the client will receive slow service, which may upset the buyer.


    • It is impractical for a high volume of new clients

    WhatsApp is a wonderful tool for maintaining personalized conversations with a few clients. But when you count clients by the dozens (or hundreds) it becomes obsolete.


    There’s no way to order and classify clients to streamline your service, nor to appropriately respond to all messages in a timely way.


    too many new clients can be stressful


    WhatsApp Business: a leap forward in quality for small and medium-sized businesses

    WhatsApp Business is a free app developed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. It allows businesses to easily interact with their clients by using tools to automate, organize, and respond rapidly to the inquiries they receive.


    Why you should use it:

    • You can create a WhatsApp company profile:

    One of the major advantages of WhatsApp Business is that it allows you to create a profile for your company. You can include your logo, a description of your business, your physical address, and business hours.


    On top of that, you can link your address to Google Maps so that users can see your location on the map and easily find you.


    WhatsApp Business also allows you to create an account using a fixed number, so you don’t have to use a personal number to contact your clients. You can keep your personal and business accounts separate but on the same device.

    • It includes tools to facilitate client communication

    The WhatsApp Business app includes several functionalities that make communicating with your clients much easier. First, you can create welcome and away messages which will be sent automatically when your clients contact you.


    These tools are very useful for making sure no messages are ever left unanswered and providing useful information to your clients about your company and your business hours.


    whatsapp business chat quick reply example


    The WhatsApp Business API has a “quick reply” function. It is an excellent tool for responding instantly to clients’ most common questions.


    You can create predetermined messages to respond to common questions about special promotions, delivery timelines, discounts for various payment methods, etc.


    whatsapp business quick replies


    WhatsApp Business also allows you to organize your contacts with personalized tags to easily sort and find them. You can use this function to mark clients according to their position in the sales funnel. For example: prospect, opportunity, quote, close.


    customer tags in whatsapp business


    • Immediate, personalized service

    Just like WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business is an excellent took for creating trusted connections with buyers. It is an excellent channel for providing personalized service in real time to your clients.


    An immediate response to a problem, an interesting promotional video, or an audio note can be very valuable for clients.


    But it’s not all smooth sailing: WhatsApp Business also has its limits.

    Although WhatsApp Business is a great tool for managing your clients in an automatic, personalized manner, it is a limited solution for businesses who have a large sales team and many clients to attend to.

    • Limited service

    Just like a personal WhatsApp account, WhatsApp Business can only be activated on one device. You can’t use WhatsApp Business with multiple users. If you have a team with several sales representatives, you can’t depend on WhatsApp Business to manage your communications.


    Businesses like car dealerships, insurance companies, realtors, and big-box stores receive hundreds of messages a day, and their teams can become overwhelmed by the demand. In these cases, the sales people should share their contacts and even reroute contacts to other modes of communication such as phone calls or email.

    • It is not integrated with other sales channels

    Right now, WhatsApp Business is not integrated with other communication channels. If a client contacts your company through WhatsApp, and then picks up the conversation via a different mode of contact (for example, a phone call), there’s no record that will let your salespeople know about where that client is in the sales process.


    In these cases they often initiate a new sales process, when in reality the client is part of a sales process that is already in progress.


    How to use WhatsApp for business: step by step

    The first step is to download and install the free WhatsApp Business app from the Google Play Store.


    Remember that currently only WhatsApp Business for APK (for Android) is available.


    If you use iOS you can activate it using an Android terminal and then use it via WhatsApp web.


    🚨 I don’t recommend using “tricks” to use WhatsApp Business beta in iOS: it’s an unofficial version, still in development. It may contain errors or compromise the security of your team and the privacy of your conversations 🚨.


    WhatsApp personal is independent of your WhatsApp Business account, but you cannot register them with the same number.


    If you try to register a WhatsApp Business account with the number you use for your personal WhatsApp, you will convert your personal account into a business account. You can then restore your chats and contacts using the back-up file.


    If you want to keep the two accounts separate, you should use one number for your personal account and a different one for your business.


    🚨🚨 If you have a dual-SIM device you can use one line for WhatsApp Messenger and the other for WhatsApp Business.


    If, on the other hand, you just want one business account, see the next step.

    After installing the application and verifying your number, you’ll need to configure it.

    Luego de instalar la aplicación y verificar tu número deberás configurarla


    Initial configuration for your WhatsApp Business account


    • Set your business name (if you want to make your client contact personal, you can use your name). Pay attention because you will not be able to change this name.
    • Add your business hours and the location of your business so your clients know where and when they can reach you.
    • WhatsApp Business allows you to include a link in your profile: to your website, a landing page, or wherever. Just remember, there’s only one, so use it well.
    • Finally, add your industry and what you offer.


    A few simple tips that can help create trust when clients view your profile:


    📚When you say you want to talk to sales at a company, do you want to talk to the company or with a spokesperson for the company?


    We always prefer to talk to people, with first and last names, rather than with “the company.”


    📚Before writing your sales blurb, think: What solution do I offer? What’s the benefit of what I’m selling? Don’t just list what you sell.


    What I use WhatsApp for in my job


    Making client service more responsive:

    We all check WhatsApp more than necessary.

    checking whatsapp to see new leads



    I, for example check my email twice a day, but I check my WhatsApp several times an hour.


    WhatsApp lets you respond to client messages almost immediately.



    Send promotions, new products, event invites... but be careful not to go too far and become a pest (= spammer).


    You can also use marketing strategies such as sending greetings on special occasions and personalized messages for a certain client.


    whatsapp business


    WhatsApp Business has been useful for me, but I don’t want you to just take my word for it.


    The number of WhatsApp just keeps growing, and reasons abound for why it is many people’s favorite messaging app.


    WhatsApp Business allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of using WhatsApp for communicating with your clients while at the same time resolving the problems and confusions that can occur when you mix client conversations with your personal communications.


    • For you, the sales representative, it will save confusions and misunderstandings with your clients by keeping them well separated from your personal contacts in two separate applications.
    • It will allow your business to tighten up communication with users and make your sales and client services processes more agile.
    • For your clients it is a quick, direct way to contact you. They don’t even have to download the app, so they can get their questions answered through a platform that they know and feel comfortable using.


    I don’t want you to think that WhatsApp Business will solve every problem for you as a sales manager or for your salespeople.


    It won’t.


    It’s a tool, like any other. If you use it incorrectly, things can turn out badly.


    It would be good for you to read the story of the business who lost their clients by sending spam on WhatsApp.


    Like WhatsApp, Sirena is a tool that allows you to integrate all your client contact in one simple interface.


    It is one of just a few applications that is officially integrated with the WhatsApp Business API.


    If it’s just you, its worth using just WhatsApp. But if you have a team of salespeople, you’ll know how difficult it is to monitor all their conversations with clients.


    Each person has their own WhatsApp and it’s impossible to know whether they reply to clients and how they treat them. In other words, it is impossible to audit the quality of your sales processes.


    That’s where Sirena can help by centralizing all the conversations in one app, with the ability to monitor everything your salespeople say to your clients.


    Sirena: a complete solution


    A few days ago, the manager of an important insurance company told me about a problem his business has in their sales process. He told me:


    “I have no way of knowing what my salespeople are saying to my clients. They use their personal phones for daily communication and I can’t monitor that. If there’s a problem in our process I won’t find out and I can’t work to solve it.”

    It’s a common problem. Both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business are powerful tools for forging enduring personal relationships with clients. They are, without a doubt, great examples of conversational marketing. But they are limited tools.


    That’s why we decided to create the Sirena App.


    Sirena is a 100% conversational tool that’s integrated with WhatsApp Business and with the major marketing channels businesses use to attract leads and connect with their clients:


    Why is Sirena the ideal solution for your business?

    Sirena includes all the benefits of WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, and more.


    • Total control over communications

    With Sirena, communication between your clients and your team doesn’t happen in an inaccessible black box. Every exchange is recorded on the platform and all users can access the information.


    Something goes wrong with a client? Now you can access the full conversation and analyze it to improve your communications.


    • Hundreds of messages through one line

    With Sirena, you can send messages to hundred of contacts with just a click. It makes it much simple when you want to communicate with your clients en masse.


    • Shared inbox or client portfolio

    Whether your team needs to work collaboratively or with a client portfolio, Sirena adapts not just to the needs of your business, but to those of each department.


    • Personalized WhatsApp buttons

    First impressions count. That's why you want your buttons to make you stand out from the competition. With Sirena, you can personalize your WhatsApp buttons and include them on your website so your clients can contact you in just one click. 


    • Chatbot

    This is the way to ensure that you can respond to clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sirena allows you to set up a chatbot with answers for the most common questions you receive. Additionally, it includes an automated transition to move clients from a conversation with a chatbot to a conversation with an agent to continue the conversation.


    • Monitor your entire sales process

    In Sirena, everything is recorded. Each action that a salesperson takes with a client is located in that client’s thread, and any user monitor the sale.

    Did they send an email, make a call, or schedule a meeting? It’s all recorded with a date and time. If a salesperson needs to transfer contact with that client, no relevant information is lost in the transfer.


    • Immediate service

    The Sirena app automatically distributes clients among your team. When a new client contacts your company, Sirena sends a notification to your agents so they can make contact immediately.


    This way you never have clients waiting for a response, agents with nothing to do, or overlapping messages.


    Have you chosen the right tool for your business?


    When I wrote this article my goal was to explain in detail the advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business for each type of business. If you are currently using one of these tools and you feel it isn’t living up to your expectations, it may be time for a change.


    The decision is yours. You can follow the same path you’ve been on so far, despite its obstacles and limitations, or you can try a new solution that fits your needs. As I said at the beginning, technology advances and there are new tools that can make your life easier.


    We created Sirena with that goal in mind.


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    To review:


    WhatsApp is an excellent conversational marketing tool for individual freelances or small stores because:

    • It’s simple
    • It’s instant
    • It’s personal
    • It’s effective

    But when it comes to larger businesses, it is not the ideal solution because:

    • There’s no oversight of the sales process
    • It is too private
    • It is impractical for a high volume of new clients

    WhatsApp Business is a leap forward in quality for small businesses because:

    • You can create a company profile
    • It includes tools to facilitate client communication
    • It facilitates immediate, personalized service

    But WhatsApp Business is also a limited tool because:

    • Service is limited
    • It is not integrated with other sales channels


    For those business who have a sales team and a large client stream, Sirena is the ideal solution. Sirena is a 100% conversational tool that is integrated with WhatsApp Business and all the major marketing channels that businesses use to attract leads and connect with their clients.


    Among many other advantages for your business, Sirena:

    • Allows you to monitor communications
    • Centralizes all conversations in one location
    • Allows you to monitor the entire sales process
    • Allows salespeople to respond to leads immediately
    • Qualify leads with his chatbot.

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