How to Send a Location to Your Clients via WhatsApp

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    If you have a business, at some point you've surely had to share your address or the address of one of your branches via WhatsApp. We'll show you how to share it quickly and simply to optimize your communications.


    Clients commonly search for businesses on the internet before buying something. People are still used to buying based on proximity, even with the changes brought on by the pandemic.


    This could be because they want to make an order and pick it up in person, or because they don't want to return it or even because they want to know that it is a legitimate business before entering their credit card information.


    In short, before your clients consider making a purchase from your business, you need to achieve one thing first: your business, office, or branch, needs to be "findable" online. 


    What to keep in mind before sharing your location with clients via WhatsApp 

    First you'll need to go to Google Maps and configure your address in your business profile. Once you add or edit the address on your profile, the information will be displayed publicly when anyone searches for your company.


    But it's also very likely that your clients will contact you directly via WhatsApp if they have the opportunity. To make this happen, it's important that your business' profile is as complete as possible (name, address, the type of services you offer, a brief description, and your email address and website).


    Then, when your clients start a conversation using your business's WhatsApp, they will have all the relevant information and will be able to open the address in the GPS app of their choice.


    How can I send a location via WhatsApp?

    You may have all this configured and your clients will still ask where your business is located. In this case, to share the address in a way that clients can use on an interactive map within the messaging app, follow these steps:

    1. Ensure that your location permissions for WhatsApp are active on your phone, as well as the GPS.
    2. Within the conversation, tap the attachment icon on the lower right.
    3. In the options lists, select the location icon. You can choose to share your simple location or share your location in real-time. We recommend selecting a simple location, as when you move around the address will change. This could confuse the client when they look at the address later.
    4. Click the send button and you will have successfully sent your location.

    Manage your communications all in one place with Sirena

    Sirena is the CRM that allows you to increase your customer service capacity by centralizing your Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram among other channels, all in one place.


    With Sirena, you can send the location of your business or any of your branches easily and efficiently, just as quickly as you would do it on WhatsApp. That way, you're able to share your location with clients no matter what channel you're using to communicate. We explain how to do it in five simple steps in our Help Center.


    Plus, Sirena's tools will help you automate repetitive tasks for your team and get reports on their performance.


    Sirena bots

    Sirena bots allow you to respond to more messages without making major investments in technology or infrastructure. Your team will be able to be freed of repetitive messages by simply programming the answers in the platform.


    You can activate the bot so that it will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or so it is only active during specified hours.


    Shared inbox

    Teamwork is what turns businesses into great companies. That's why Sirena offers shared inboxes, where all the members of your team can see incoming messages and pick them up as they finish their other conversations.


    This makes the workspace more transparent and dynamic than ever before.


    Automatic reports

    When you use Sirena, the platform generates reports automatically, based on your teams' recent activity, as well as for each agent individually.


    Say goodbye to giant Excel spreadsheets. Now you can track communications performance with just a couple of clicks. 


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    Integrations with other apps

    You don't have to radically change your workflow to work with Sirena. You can find integrations with all the most popular apps on the App Marketplace.


    New integrations are constantly being added both by our team and from outside developers. Your company could even develop your own integration.


    Want to learn how to make communication with your clients more agile and provide a better experience?

    Get started today with Sirena and learn how to level-up your business.

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