▷ How to Create a Bot for WhatsApp (2022)

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    A WhatsApp bot is a valuable addition that can increase your business's growth potential without increasing costs. Learn how to create your own WhatsApp bot in the following article.


    What is a WhatsApp bot?

    A WhatsApp bot is automated software that allows you to respond to clients automatically via its integration with the WhatsApp Business API. These bots can work using a menu (showing options for users to choose from) or be powered by artificial intelligence.


    Using a conversational bot with WhatsApp exponentially increases your teams' response capacity. It's much easier than you might think, as we'll explain in the section below.


    Activate your WhatsApp Business Account to get started

    The first step is creating and activating a WhatsApp Business account with a dedicated number.


    You must get  your Business account approved to use the WhatsApp API. This requires you to verify your Facebook business account. You must complete this form from Facebook to apply for access.


    Or you can leave that until you get to step three: get Sirena, a software solution that provide chatbot implementation and is an official WhatsApp partner. This step is vital, as WhatsApp only aproves a limited number of providers to integrate chatbots with their app.


    Steps for creating a bot for WhatsApp using Sirena


    Once you have logged in to the Sirena platform, follow these simple steps to create your own bot for your WhatsApp line:

    1. Select the WhatsApp line you want to create the bot for.

    2. Select the tab that says "Sirena bot."

      Sirena bot
    3. You'll see a window to configure the greeting message that your bot will use whenever someone contacts you. It's important to think carefully about how you want to welcome visitors to your communication channel. The screen shows an example message to guide you. But if you aren't sure how to speak to your audience, you can see our common chatbot questions article.

    4. Ask for basic information: here you can enable and disable requests for basic information such as name, email, and phone  number. This information is useful for building your portfolio of potential clients. At this point you can only choose whether or not to ask for the information. The questions themselves cannot be edited.

    5. At this point  you can see the route the bot will follow and you can choose which step will be next after asking for contact information. You can select the option where the person will be automatically directed to a  customer service agent, or you can disable this option and choose to have the bot qualify the contact.

    6. If you choose to qualify the contacts, you must configure three key questions for the bot to ask, such as what products they are interested in, order number, the size of the company they work  for, or any other piece of information that you consider relevant for generating a conversion for your business.

    7. It's time to customize the conversation flow in the Route to appropriate team  section. You can set up personalized tags so the bot will do one of three options: transfer the contact to a team or agent, archive the conversation, or move to the next option. You can add up to four layers of depth for each menu.

    8. Last step: Test your bot! This is one of the most important steps before you activate your bot to interact with the public. Ensure that the conversation flow feels natural for users, that it isn't confusing, and, of course, that there aren't any typos.

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    Tips for getting the most out of the Sirena bot

    Learn about these Sirena bot features that will help you and your team make the most of conversations with clients:


    Measure client satisfaction (CSAT)

    The CSAT or Customer Satisfaction score allows you to measure and calculate how satisfied your clients are with the service they received. That  way you can evaluate the quality of your client experience easily and automatically.


    To use this feature, go to the Channels tab, choose the channel you want to activate the survey for (in this case it would be WhatsApp), and activate the feature.


    As clients respond, the Sirena platform will show you a  rating for agents and groups according to the performance reflected in the surveys.

    You'll be getting high quality, first-hand feedback.


    Administering the survey via Sirena's bot guarantees that it will be free of bias and lead to a better response rate because it is brief and intuitive. You'll get both quatative and qualitative feedback that would otherwise require an enormous effort in terms of time and money.


    Response time 

    The Response times feature allows you to  inform clients how long they will have to wait before being served.


    Wait time can be a major factor in finalizing a sale, and is one of the key points in a user's experience. Make your first impression a good one: waiting for ten minutes without warning is not the same thing as knowing that you will be served in ten minutes.


    Use Sirena's bot to report on response time and keep your  users informed about the process so they don't get impatient and leave. They will be grateful and your sales will reflect it.

    Activate Sirena today and build your bot in a few simple steps!

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