Verify Business Instagram: How to get the Blue Check Faster(2022)

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    Want to know how to verify your Business account on Instagram? Here's how to get the verification and show your business' influence and authority.



    Although any user can request to verify his Business Account on Instagram, not everyone can get this authorization.

    After all, you must meet some very specific criteria to get a verified account on Instagram.

    This kind of verification badge, which can be requested in the platform settings, shows that the profile is authentic.

    But what about you? Do you know what it means to have a verified account on Instagram? Do you understand how it works?


    What does it mean to "Verify your Business on Instagram"?




    This feature on Instagram is important to prevent the spread of fake profiles.

    Besides being a way to identify that a particular account is unique, influential, and has authority in some segments.

    Verification is also available on other platforms, including Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, and Spotify. In other words, a verified account reflects a unique profile, with authority and credibility in what it presents.

    Certainly, by proving that the account is authentic, verification attracts more followers and enhances the account's reach, increasing the audience. Thus, it is a great option for brands and companies that seek visibility.

    The badge of authenticity, moreover, makes the mechanisms of the social network see the account as a priority in the searches.


    What should I do to have a verified account on Instagram?




    Although the procedure to request the verification of your account is very easy, there is no guarantee of approval.

    It only takes four steps:


    Step 1: Go to your Instagram profile and click on the three little dashes in the upper right corner.

    Step 2: Click "Settings".

    Step 3: Request verification. Select "Account" and then "Request verification".

    Step 4: Submit your documents.


    Instagram will request some personal data and a photo ID, such as a government-issued ID, passport, or driver's license.

    This information will prove your authenticity. You also need to provide links to any press quotes about your company.

    A notification of the result will be sent within a week, informing you if Instagram has approved your request. Otherwise, you can try again in 30 days.


    Other ways to ensure the veracity of your profile




    Instagram in the Help Center provides other tips to show that your profile is authentic. Check:

    •   Insert a description in your Instagram profile bio to tell potential customers more about your company. To do this, summarize your company's advantages and show users what makes your business stand out.
    • Use Stories to provide a behind-the-scenes look at your business. Without a doubt, stories can bring the customer closer to the brand, and the organization's production process, in a relaxed way.
    • Encourage customers to tag your business, so people can see posts from customers using your product or service. This is one of the best tips to follow because it generates a lot of engagement for the brand.

    If the tips are from the social network itself, there's a good chance they're effective, don't you think?


    Understand the Requirements for Verifying Your Business on Instagram


    Not all accounts get the badge, because Instagram is usually quite strict with the criteria.

    First, the brand must have relevance, produce quality content, and positively influence users.




    This means that only the number of followers does not guarantee account verification. Therefore, there are several requirements:



    Instagram must verify the identity of the person or company it represents.



    Account posts must be original. You can not only share third-party content.



    The account must be public, with a good profile picture, and have a detailed bio. Additionally, the profile must have at least one post.




    Posted content should add some value to users, and the account should be active and consistent.



    It is necessary that the account, whether personal or business, be known. That means you need to have proven notifications about it.


    Recommendations to get the verification request accepted


    More than just meeting the requirements listed above, the following procedures are required for verification:




    Prove that your profile is real

    Selfies and photos of your childhood, with pets, friends, and family, for example, are perfect for a personal account.

    For companies, it is ideal to show behind-the-scenes photos and stories of the work done.

    Another good suggestion is to put the link to your official page in the Instagram bio.

    In addition, seek interaction with followers, as it is an excellent way to strengthen the brand image.


    Follow Instagram's guidelines

    Certain types of conduct, such as buying followers, asking them to follow your account, and making standardized comments, are quite harmful.


    Be present on other social media platforms as well


    To have a verified account on Instagram, you need to have some popularity on the internet.

    Therefore, try to disseminate your work on other social networks as well, preferably using the same name.


    Get a Facebook verification badge

    You can start the process of verifying your Business Instagram account directly from Facebook. After all, the two social networks today are closely linked in many activities.

    However, having a verification badge on Facebook doesn't guarantee immediate certification on Instagram, but it helps.


    Verify your business on Instagram: How to lose the badge


    Instagram can remove the verification badge and even deactivate your account if you:

    • Advertise, transfer, or sell your verified badge, even by changing your username.
    • Use your profile picture, biography, or name section to promote other services.
    • Try to verify your account through third parties.

    In short, in addition to celebrities and large companies, all Instagram users can now apply for the blue verification badge.

    After all, it represents a good opportunity to show authority, credibility, and increase the audience.

    However, you need to have good content, consistency, creativity, relevance, and add value to your audience.

    So, start now by keeping your profile up to date, your active and productive brand on the internet, and your engaged audience.


    How to manage your communications from one place with Sirena CRM


    Doing a good job on Instagram will give your brand great visibility, which will likely lead to an increase in inquiries for your products and services.

    Therefore, it will be important that your customer service and sales teams are equipped with tools to centralize messages and optimize teamwork.

    With Sirena, you will be able to connect your Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp channels to a single platform where your teams will be able to see incoming queries in real-time and even transfer the queries to other teams. They will also have other features, such as:


    Bots to respond automatically

    Sirena's bots act as the first barrier to incoming messages, both to answer pre-programmed questions with answers designed especially for your services and products, and to let you know what the opening hours are.

    Sirena has also incorporated two options to enhance the shopping experience. On the one hand, we incorporate the option of informing the waiting time for service with a human representative, avoiding users' long periods of waiting indefinitely.

    On the other hand, the option to enable satisfaction surveys is available to measure the effectiveness of responses received by those who have connected with the company. This will allow companies to continue to improve their services.

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    Connect your online store

    Streamline your business's after-sales process by integrating your online store with your communication channels. Sirena provides several templates or templates with pre-approved messages to respond to recurring queries such as delivery status, shipping times, and more. You can easily share information about your products and send photos and quotes with just a few clicks.

    Multiply your sales opportunities by starting today to use Sirena's free CRM demo.


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