▷Why should you VERIFY your WHATSAPP BUSINESS number?


    We’re all suspicious of messages from unknown numbers. With the green check mark of a verified account, your business can communicate with leads an clients free of suspicion.


    How can you be sure that the person behind the Twitter account @AdamSandler is the same actor who is starring Murder Mystery alongside Jennifer Aniston on Netflix? The answer is in the image below...


    Cuenta validada de Adam Sandler-1

    Next to the name of one of Hollywood’s most popular actors you can see a white check mark in a light blue circle shape, Twitter’s iconic color.


    That white check mark is a certification. Twitter, in this case, certifies that the account does indeed belong to Adam Sandler and not to some other user who decided to open a fake account.  


    With the validation provided by the platform, we can read every sentence posted there as coming from Sandler. The @AdamSandler account, in fact, functions as an official  source of information for global media about the opinions and actions of that charismatic actor.


    Let’s set Adam Sandler aside for a moment. He was really just an excuse to talk about the importance of knowing who we’re talking to, who is contacting us (or our leads and clients) in this age of advertising.


    The concepts of “verification” or “certification” are what we're talking about, but not in just any sense.


    Not many people know, but just like on Twitter, you can also get verified on WhatsApp Business, and it is incredibly helpful for your business. In the apex of WhatsApp and conversational marketing, the idea is the goal is to learn how to verify your WhatsApp Business number and the benefits it can bring to your company.

    empresa verificada whatsapp business-1


    Trust and security, the major pros of verifying your WhatsApp Business account


    The account verification that WhatsApp provides is simply verifying the authenticity of businesses.

    This way, a client or lead can be certain that the business they are communicating with is official, so they can contact them with confidence.  


    Getting verified on WhatsApp is an important security step, since your clients won’t have to worry about contacting you that way.


    It’s also important to know that the number 1 messaging app won’t validate an account that uses a fake number to verify the account or sends spam or any abusive content. They guarantee safety.  


    How to validate your WhatsApp Business Account, step by step


    Integrator companies play a key role in the verification process. What are they? Integrator companies are chosen by WhatsApp to integrate the messaging service with third parties.

    They make the integration of validated (or verified, as they are more often called) more agile. Among other things, they help to provide real-time client services, create interfaces for planning mass ad campaigns, and can generate reports.

    They can also provide personal service or support to people who want to validate their WhatsApp Business line for iOS or any other operating system. Since it can sometimes be a little complicated to deal with representative from WhatsApp, integrators can broker the connection between WhatsApp and the business, which is an added value.


    Wavy, for example, is one of the integrators chosen my WhatsApp to offer the WhatsApp Business app in the Americas, as well as Botmaker


    There are two steps to verifying your WhatsApp Business account: 

    • Verification and requirements: once you’ve chosen your official integrator company, the first thing you’ll need to do is fill out a contact form, like this one from Wavy, on their website with the information for the business you’d like to be verified.

      Once that’s done, after the official integrator has checked whether you fulfill certain requirements (such as having a business manager ID on Facebook), WhatsApp will verify the requirements and evaluate the business to verify the line. Once the evaluation is approved, the app will send an email for the next step.  
    • Platform integration: once the requirements have been met, the integrator will authorize an API and access to the platform from which you can configure settings. With Wavy, for example, businesses who verify their accounts can include texts, PDF files, and images in their campaigns, as well as sharing locations. This will also make it possible to integrate with a CRM or artificial intelligence.


    Verification on WhatsApp Business isn’t just for big business


    Many integrator companies only work with large businesses such as banks or multinational businesses, but don’t worry. That shouldn’t discourage you from verifying your WhatsApp Business line.

    At Sirena, we manage your verification so you can have that green check mark and when your clients contact you they’ll see the name of your business, not just an anonymous number.


    Verification means that no messages sent from your account will be anonymous. That way, you not only get that beautiful green check mark, but your leads and clients will always know who is contacting them and will feel secure enough to follow through with whatever action they want.


    The advantages of verifying your WhatsApp Business profile with Sirena

    Working directly with WhatsApp can be complicated and difficult, and integrators usually work with large businesses. Here’s where Sirena comes in to smooth the way for all types of businesses, small, medium, and those that are just getting started.


    That way, in addition to saving time, energy, and effort, a business can enjoy the advantages of verification: leads and clients, beyond having you scheduled, will always feel secure knowing who is trying to contact them.


    They will always know who is on the end of the line and who to trust when making their purchases...







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